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The Lancing Kitesurfing Club

Lancing Kitesurfing Club has been set up to assist Lancing Parish Council and the BKSA to coordinate the management of the sport in Lancing

With the kind support of Lancing Parish Council the club has been able to secure a beach hut for kiters to use. This will be located in the kiting zone and should be in situ for the summer.

Lancing Beach and Beach Green are there for everyone to enjoy. Please respect other beach users.

What I Do

Lancing Parish Council and BKSA advise all kitesurfers who wish to kite here should have the appropriate insurance. If you join the club you'll get a years BKSA insurance which includes:

  • £5 Million 3rd party liability Insurance
  • Use of the beach hut
  • Beach events and BBQ's

Having BKSA Insurance is not just for your safety but also for that of your fellow kiters and other beach users.

How to Join

Simply logo onto the BKSA site and select 'Join the BKSA'. Click the Blue Circle and choose the membership you require and select Lancing from the club menu.

join the club

By joining the club you are ensuring you are safe with insurance; helping the club protect the local beach and supporting the work of the Parish Council and the Club.

Lancing at low tideWhy do we need a club? In the 'Old' days forming a club was an informal agreement between friends, now days there are real legal liabilities associated with being a member of 'Clubs'. It is therefore important that we go about this the right way. So when you are joining the club, you are joining our limited company by guarantee... and your membership buys you a limited share of it... more on the money next.

What do I get? You'll get fantastic insurance via the BKSA. Lancing Kitesurf club doesn't have armbands, rash vests or club pants. What we do have is a love of the sport and desire to keep kitesurfing safe and available to all at Lancing.

By buying BKSA insurance Lancing kitesurfing club gets £5 and this is split into 2 elements. £1 is used to buy you share of the limited company, the rest is held in the bank account. The costs the club will incur relate the maintenance of the club beach hut, and the costs around managing the company in the form of accounting. The rest will be used for BBQ's etc...so get involved.

We have no plans for any member to profit from this club, this is not a business.

Lancing at low tidePlease remember that no-one involved with Lancing Club is profiting from their involvement. Everyone is volunteering their time for free to ensure that kitesurfing can continue to be enjoyed by all at Lancing.

Do I really need insurance? - Yes This will ensure you, your fellow kiters and the general public are protected in case there are any incidents.

What if I don't have insurance? The club and it's members can't stop you kiting, we simply ask you abide by the guidelines that the club promotes inline with Lancing Parish Council and BKSA advice; which asks for all kiters to be insured. You may be asked by fellow kiters if you have insurance. If you have an real issue with paying the small annual insurance fee, Lancing may not be the best spot for you to kite. It's not just for your safety but the safety of other beach users and fellow kiters.

Buy your insurance today at BKSA.

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